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Intruder Alarm Maintenance In these days of increasing crime, it is very much important for each and every home owner and entrepreneur to have his home or office / shop to have proper security. When protecting commercial establishments, industrial buildings and homes, people are likely to take extreme measures for keeping out strangers, burglars and ...
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Need for Intruder alarm sensor These days, almost every home and office or shop owner has installed alarm sensors to protect their assets from unwanted strangers and burglars. With crime and unemployment increasing at a very fast pace across the globe, the need for intruder alarm sensors has been increasing. There are a variety of ...
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Battery Replacement The alarm keypad enables the user to make proper use of the security alarm. With the keypad one can oversee the functioning of the alarm as well as give proper commands. The monitoring service company or various government departments such as the fire service or police can be instantly contacted using the alarm ...
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