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Gardtec 600 Intruder Alarm Control panel


This GT600 control panel utilises a huge range of extensive features, making it an ideal choice for both domestic and commercial installations. The best thing about this alarm system is that it provides you with additional flexibility that is not available with other models. Experience a huge range of wireless capabilities, with 868MHz connections and G-Tag compliance, this control panel gives you a unique solution that also meets DD243 requirements. This panel can control up to forty zones, with three areas and over 31 users. It can also monitor events up to 500 logs, not to mention that it has a polycarbonate casing that helps to provide this control panel with a durable finish that will last and last. Whether you need some security for your home or for your commercial building, there is something for everyone regardless of your budget or requirements.

Grade 2 EN/BS selectable settings that are available upon power up
3 areas, 40 zones, 31 users and a comprehensive event log that has a memory of up to 500 logs
ID zones/ ID+ expander (30+)
Durable Polycarbonate case
DD243 solution which comes complete with G-Tag
Remote diagnostics with integrated GT remote software

16 wireless zones enabled with hybrid wireless
7 LCD keypads, that light up to make things easier when typing in your code
Simple operation and full descriptions for ease of access
Plug enabled STU board
Group coding with multiple control areas
Extreme reliability with resettable fuses and improved monitoring

Whatever you need, the Gardtec 600 control panel is a premium choice for anyone who needs added security in their home or place of work. With group coding, wireless zones, remote diagnostics and simple operations, it is now easier than ever to control your entire system with the click of a button.

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